Welcome to the teachertoolsict wiki. On this wiki you will find a range of ICT tools to incorporate into your teaching across the curriculum. All listed ICT tools (websites, software and other tools) will be featured on this page, and then separated into categories using the tabs on the left hand side. These tabs are located under the 'All Pages' heading. These tools are all suitable for use in the classroom - teacher resources are found under their own tab.

To investigate any of the tools highlighted, simply click on the link to visit the appropriate site. All tools are free unless otherwise stated. The APPlications tab features Apps for iPads and iPhones that are suitable for use with classes.

In the Teacher Resources tab you will find some sites that have useful information and activities, but are aimed at teachers rather than for use with students.


Wordle is a free site that allows
students to create posters using
words or slabs of text. Great for
building vocabulary and knowledge
of subject specific words.

Wikispaces is a free site that
allows teachers or other
users to create a free wiki.
Wikis are great for
collaboration. You are
using Wikispaces right now!
Padlet / Wallwisher

Padlet (formerly known as
Wallwisher) allows students
to access and use online stickies
- great for brainstorming
or gathering questions, ideas
or feedback quickly.
Online Magnetic Poetry

Explore and create poems
online using this
interactive website.
Simple to use and free.
Answer Garden

Answer Garden is a minimalistic
feedback tool - it allows answers
that are limited to 20 characters.
Great for teaching kids to
answer precisely or to brainstorm
Poll Everywhere

Create polls, get instant online
responses and graph the results.
Free for audiences of 40 or less.

Mindmapping software - free
30 day trial available.
Kidspiration is also
available, aimed at

Great tool for mind mapping or
sharing ideas. Good
alternative to Inspiration.
Could even be used
for presenting work. Free sign up.
Maths Dictionary for Kids

Created by Jenny Eather, this
animated, interactive online tool
explains over 600 mathematical
terms in simple language.
English games

A collection of online English
games on a variety of topics.
Games are available at a range
of levels.
Maths games

A collection of online Maths
games on a variety of topics.
Games are available at a
range of levels.
Sock Puppets App

Click the link above to
download this free app
for iPhones or iPads.
Allows students to record
speech using sock
puppets as characters.
Very easy to use.

Featuring maths and brain games
as well as a mathematical quiz
ibooks app

Click on the above link to
download the free ibooks app.
This app allows you to download
books electronically as well as
access other features, such as
having the book read aloud.
Story Kit app

Click on the above link to
download the free app for
ipads and iphones. This app
allows students to create
their own digital stories.
Student publishing

Site for easy publishing of
student work, both individual
and class work. Both free
and paid options
available for creating books
and other publishing options.
Corkulous app

App that works as a cork board for
thinking, planning and sharing ideas.
Designed for use for iphones, iPod
touch or iPads. Click on the link
above to download this app.

Great tool for creating an
interactive, multimedia
poster. There is a free trial
available - but to sign up for
more than 30 days it now
unfortunately costs.
Google Docs

Create and edit work using
an online word document
through Google Docs.
You will need to
set up a free Google / gmail
account if you don't already
have one. Great for

Cloud based presentation
software - basically works as
a great alternative to Powerpoint.
There are a lot more options
for animation and embedding
multimedia than Powerpoint

Simple, collaborative note-taking.
Using Noteapp, you can drag
and drop files to share with others, or
simply type messages to share ideas.

Create an online 'room' where
participants can ask questions,
make comments or chat in real
time. You can determine how
long the 'room' exists and keep
track of student comments.

Lino is a free online sticky
and canvas service. This
means that you can post
messages or photos on
the 'canvas' for
participants to see and
comment on, or to share

Tagxedo allows you to create
word clouds from any text -
original writing, famous
speeches, quotes, news articles,
etc. Clouds can be set as a
range of shapes, including
custom shapes, like portraits.

Brainstorm, create and share
mindmaps using this online tool.
No sign up required.
Idea Sketch app

Idea Sketch allows you to
draw a diagram, such as a mind map,
and convert it to a text outline
(and vice versa). Great for mind
mapping, brainstorming, etc.
Designed for use with iPads,
iphones, etc. Click on the link
above to download this free app.
Sparknotes Video

Video summaries of many
popular novels / classic
books, including 'Of Mice
and Men', 'Frankenstein',
'Romeo and Juliet' and
'The Odyssey', among others.
Persuasion Map

Interactive map plan
available through the Read
Write Think website. Allows
students to plan a piece of
writing expressing an
opinion on any topic.

This tool allows students to
illustrate and publish a story using
the online art that is provided.
Students simply add their story and
publish their 'book' online. Sign
up is free.
ReadWriteThink Timeline

Students can find and create
their own online timeline,
embedding text and
images. Free.

A free online tool that works
as a flexible online bulletin
board. It's easy to upload
work and then have others
comment on it, etc. You can
add text as well as photos
etc to a Stixy page.

Read free e-book classics
and use the features, such
as in built highlighter pen
and note taking capability.
Includes poetry, fairy tales,
myths, as well as novels and
plays. Free, but sign up

Choose an image and then select
words to create a piece of
descriptive writing. Great for poetry
or short descriptive pieces.
Sign in required to save, but can
be used without sign up to create
4 Pics 1 Word app

This app is free to download
from the iTunes store. It
works on iPhone, iPad and iPod
and gives students 4 images
that can be linked by a single
word. Great for teaching
vocabulary and supporting
literacy development.
Google Map app

Free app available from the
iTunes store. Can be used
on ipad or iphone. This app
allows 360 degree
panoramic views from around
the world courtesy of street
Survey Monkey

Use Survey Monkey to
create easy online surveys
to collect data on any topic.
Could be used by students
or teachers. Free sign up.
Google Translate

Use Google Translate to translate
written text from one language to
another. Free site.

Online mind mapping tool.
There is also a companion
app available for free from
the iTunes store.

A free, online collaborative
writing tool. Students can
work together to create
writing pieces. Each
contributor gets their
own 'colour' to track
contributions. Good
alternative to Google

Twitter for teachers. Free
sign up. Create private
social spaces where you
can share resources and
links with students and they
can share ideas with each

A free, online collaborative
whiteboard. Scribblar allows the
upload of documents, etc and
it great for collaboration as
students can work on the board
at the same time.

An online publishing tool that
allows students and teachers
to create professional looking
online magazine, brochures, etc.
Sign up for the free package.

An alternative to Google
Docs, this web based
collaborative writing tool
requires no sign up and
each editor is given a
different color to easily
keep track of changes to
the documents. Great for
collaborative projects.

A free online cork board site.
Students can create and
share collections of links,
images, video, etc on any
topic, either individually or
collaboratively. Also useful
for brainstorming.
Pik to Chart

Pik to Chart is an info graphic tool
for non graphic designers. Students
can use this tool to summarize
information and display it
graphically. Free education
packages available.

Socrative is a student response
system that allows teachers to
create tests, quizzes, games
etc to test student knowledge
and understanding. Corrected
for you with results available
as a spreadsheet. Free sign up.

Make free online quizzes,
including attaching
multimedia files
to questions. Multilingual
quizzes can also be created.
Quiz scores can be
accessed by students
and teachers.
Free sign up.

Make free online quizzes
to use as both pre and
post teaching to assess
prior knowledge and new
learning. Students can be
given feedback as they
work through the questions
on correct and incorrect

Timetoast allows students (or anyone)
to create and browse online timelines
on just about any subject. Sign up
required, but free.
Math Play

Math Play offers a range of
fun, simple, interactive
Maths games. These
games are suitable from
Primary through to Middle
Years. It is free.
Khan Academy

Khan academy hosts a range of
quizzes, interactive challenges,
videos, assessment tasks etc to
support learning on just about any
topic. It is completely free
and can be accessed through
signing up, or through existing
Facebook and Google accounts.

This website has a host of free
interactives and other
information to support literacy
development, including graphic
organizers and other
Academic and Word Games

The Jetpunk site has a range of
games for use right across the
curriculum - from word unscramble
games to vocabulary builders,
geography quizzes to general
knowledge games.
Countries of the World

Click on the above link to
access a free online game where
students have to list as many
countries as they can in 12
minutes. At the end they will be
given a personal score and a
9 Letter Word Game

Click the link above to access a
free 9 letter word game. Students
can develop spelling and
vocabulary skills by creating as
many words as they can.
Online Sodoku

Click on the link to access a timed
online sudoku game for students
to play to improve problem solving,
thinking and maths skills.
Word Salad

This app works in a similar
way to Wordle or Tagxedo.
It allows you to create word
clouds with your text - great
for developing literacy
awareness across the
curriculum. The app is free
and works on iPads.
Free Rice

This online site has a range
of games for different subject
areas. The best part? Each
time a student gets an answer
correct, grains of rice are
donated through a world hunger

This free website allows
students and teachers to
create interactive
timelines and story
outlines. It can be used
collaboratively or by
Online Venn Diagram

This interactive Venn Diagram
is available through the Read
Write Think website. Great
for students to use to identify
similarities and differences
between items across the
ABC Splash Games

A range of educational and
interactive games offered by ABC
Splash for use at all year levels
right across the curriculum. Free
and can be sorted by Year Level
and subject area.
Online Game Creator

Use this site to create online games
using the Who Wants to be a
Millionaire or Jeopardy format to
review content.
Bingo Card Generator

Use this site to easily generate
bingo cards using your own
vocabulary or key terms list.
Great way to revise key terms
and to build academic vocabulary.
Arcade Game Creator

Use this site to create arcade
style games using questions
to review content or
PacMan Game Creator

Use this free site to create a
PacMan style game using
questions to review content. You
will be given a link that can be
given to students for them to
access the game.

Create a free account where you
can create and store quizzes that
can be used in a game style
format. Each time you use the quiz
a game pin will be created which
students can use to enter the game
at kahoot.it. Results can be saved
as an excel spreadsheet.
Random Name Picker

This free tool allows you to enter
student names on a spinning
wheel that can be used to pick
students to answer questions,
etc. Easy to use.
Connect 4 Game Generator

Use this free site to create a
Connect 4 style game where
students match key terms
into groups of four.

This free site is very similar to
Kahoot - except that the quiz
questions appear on the student
screen and tasks can be set
to be completed as homework.
Speed Match Game

Use this free site to create a game
where students try to match key
terms to questions as quickly as
possible. Great for reviewing
Graphic Organisers

Eduplace has a range of free
printable graphic organisers for
use across the curriculum.
Matching Terms Worksheet

Create your own worksheets
matching up key terms with their

Mathwords is a simple,
online dictionary especially
for maths formulas and
terms. Great for supporting
students to build subject
specific vocabulary.

Lexipedia works as a visual,
online thesaurus. Great
support for vocabulary
development or to support
low literacy learners.

This free website allows
students to paste in the
URL of the website they
are using, to give the
website a clickable
dictionary feature. Great
for supporting low
literacy students.