The links below feature a range of online tools designed to help people brainstorm, map ideas or work collaboratively to think and share. Click on the appropriate link to access each site.

Padlet / Wallwisher

Padlet (formerly known as
Wallwisher) allows students to
access and use online stickies
- great for brainstorming
or gathering questions, ideas
or feedback quickly.
Answer Garden

Answer Garden is a minimalistic
feedback tool - it allows answers
that are limited to 20 characters.
Great for teaching kids to
answer precisely or to brainstorm

Mindmapping software - free
30 day trial available.
Kidspiration is also
available, aimed at

Great tool for mind mapping
or sharing ideas. Good alternative
to Inspiration. Could even be
used for presenting work.
Free sign up.
Corkulous app

App that works as a cork
board for thinking, planning
and sharing ideas. Designed
for use for iphones, iPod
touch or iPads. Click on
the link above to download this app.

Simple, collaborative note-taking.
Using Noteapp, you can drag
and drop files to share with others, or
simply type messages to share ideas.

Brainstorm, create and
share mind maps using
this online tool. No sign
up required.
Idea Sketch app

Idea Sketch allows you to
draw a diagram, such as
a mind map, and convert
it to a text outline
(and vice versa). Great for
mind mapping, brainstorming,
etc. Designed for use with
iPads, iphones, etc. Click
on the link above to
download this free app.
Persuasion Map

Interactive map plan
available through the Read
Write Think website. Allows
students to plan a piece of
writing expressing an
opinion on any topic.
ReadWriteThink Timeline

Students can find and create
their own online timeline,
embedding text and
images. Free.

Online mind mapping tool.
There is also a companion
app available for free from
the iTunes store.

A free online cork board site.
Students can create and
share collections of links,
images, video, etc on any
topic, either individually or
collaboratively. Also useful
for brainstorming.

Socrative is a student response
system that allows teachers to
create tests, quizzes, games
etc to test student knowledge
and understanding. Corrected
for you with results available
as a spreadsheet. Free sign up.

Timetoast allows students (or anyone)
to create and browse online timelines
on just about any subject. Sign up
required, but free.

This free website allows
students and teachers to
create interactive
timelines and story
outlines. It can be used
collaboratively or by
Online Venn Diagram

This interactive Venn Diagram
is available through the Read
Write Think website. Great
for students to use to identify
similarities and differences
between items across the