These Teacher Resource website are aimed at teachers - rather than tools that students can use to learn or to create work. Some have interactive activities suitable for students, others have material and resources that can be used to add to the curriculum.

FUSE is the DEECDs place
for storing and sharing digital
resources. Search for
resources appropriate for
use in the classroom on
almost any topic.

This site has a range of
teacher resources and interactive
activities for students to build
literacy. Many activities can be
used across the curriculum.
Puzzle Maker

Discovery Education's site has
a range of useful material for
teachers. Some requires you to
sign up, but the free puzzle
maker section doesn't.
Create a range of puzzles,
including word finds and crosswords.

This site has a wide range of
resources for use across the
curriculum. The material is
largely primary oriented, but
there is plenty that is useful
for secondary as well -
particularly low literacy

Resources and lesson plans
for teaching cybersafety.
All resources are free of
charge and are categorized
by age level.
ABC Splash

ABC teacher resources website.
Heaps of resources on a wide
range of topics. Categorised
by topic and year level.
Includes games and
interactive activities
for students.

Teach, learn and collaborate using
the digital resources available on
this site. Integrated with the
National Curriculum. Register
using your edumail address
to access resources for use
across the curriculum.
Brain Pop

An American website that features
free resources, tools, tutorials
and more aimed at teachers.
Resources available for areas
right across the curriculum.
Apple Apps for Education

Click on the link above to
explore a range of Apple
apps aimed for use in
education. These apps are
designed to be used with
iPads, iPhones, etc.
Apps are available for
subjects across the curriculum.
Many are free.
NAPLAN - Studyladder

Free sign up. Provides a
range of printable and online
activities for NAPLAN
preparation for both Numeracy
and Literacy. Suitable for up
to Year 7 - and foundation level
Year 9 learners.
NAPLAN Writing - Blake Education

Click on the link to download
free annotated sample pieces
and worksheets to support the
teaching of persuasive writing.
Aimed at SECONDARY level.
NAPLAN Writing - Blake Education

Click on the link to download
free annotated sample pieces
and worksheets to support the
teaching of persuasive
writing. Aimed at PRIMARY
level, but suitable for use at
lower secondary as well.

This website features study
guides and short video
summaries of a range of
books, including some
literary classics.
Global 2

This website has been set
up specifically for use by
Victorian teachers. It holds
information and ideas for
ICT use in the classroom,
as well as access to setting
up secure blogs and wikis
for use in classes or other
professional use.

This free online tool has been
created specifically for teachers.
It allows teachers to organize their
time and to plan lessons. Sign up,
or sign in with existing Facebook
or Google accounts.
Khan Academy

Khan academy hosts a range of
quizzes, interactive challenges,
videos, assessment tasks etc to
support learning on just about any
topic. It is completely free
and can be accessed through
signing up, or through existing
Facebook and Google accounts.
Clickview TV

Clickview TV is available free
for all teachers in Victorian
government schools. Sign up
is easy - all you need is your
edumail address. It features
free to air TV curated by real
teachers and organized by
topic and subject areas.
K12 Reader

K12 Reader has a wide range
of worksheets on many different
topics - most are free. Good for
parts of speech, grammar and
punctuation worksheets in
Random Team Generator

Use this free site to randomly
generate groups. Simply enter
the student names, number
of groups required, then press
generate. A second free option is
available here.
Countdown timer

Free tool for counting down activities
in the classroom. Can provide a
good visual aid for students. A range
of different timers, from an
hourglass to a bomb, race events
and bar timers to suit a range of
subject areas are available.
Online Stopwatch

Free tool for timing student
activities, including speeches
and presentations.
Random Number Generator

Free tool that can be used to
randomly select students by
number. Can be useful to
randomly select students to
share answers to questions, etc.
ABC Splash Games

A range of educational and
interactive games offered by ABC
Splash for use at all year levels
right across the curriculum. Free
and can be sorted by Year Level
and subject area.
Online Game Creator

Use this site to create online games
using the Who Wants to be a
Millionaire or Jeopardy format to
review content.
Bingo Card Generator

Use this site to easily generate
bingo cards using your own
vocabulary or key terms list.
Great way to revise key terms
and to build academic
Arcade Game Creator

Use this site to create arcade
style games using questions
to review content or
PacMan Game Creator

Use this free site to create a
PacMan style game using
questions to review content. You
will be given a link that can be
given to students for them to
access the game.
Random Name Picker

This free tool allows you to enter
student names on a spinning
wheel that can be used to pick
students to answer questions,
etc. Easy to use.
Connect 4 Game Generator

Use this free site to create a
Connect 4 style game where
students match key terms
into groups of four.
Team Name Generator

Use this free generator to
create names for groups or
teams in your class.
Crossword Generator

This free site allows you to make
and print crosswords for use with
your class.
Graphic Organisers

Eduplace has a range of free
printable graphic organisers for
use across the curriculum.
Matching Terms Worksheet

Create your own worksheets
matching up key terms with their
Online Tools for VocabDevelopment

This blog post outlines 21
useful tools for supporting
students to develop literacy
skills and vocabulary.