The links below feature online tools that allow students to use ICT to support them in presenting their learning - as a poster, stand alone display, or as part of an oral presentation.


Wordle is a free site that allows
students to create posters using
words or slabs of text. Great for
building vocabulary and knowledge
of subject specific words.
Wordsalad is a free app for iPads
that works in a similar way.

Cloud based presentation
software - basically works as a
great alternative to Powerpoint.
There are a lot more options for
animation and embedding
multimedia than Powerpoint

Great tool for creating an
interactive, multimedia
poster. There is a free trial
available - but to sign up
for more than 30 days
it now unfortunately

Great tool for mind mapping or
sharing ideas. Good alternative
to Inspiration. Could even be used
for presenting work. Free sign up.

Tagxedo allows you to create
word clouds from any text -
original writing, famous
speeches, quotes, news articles,
etc. Clouds can be set as a
range of shapes, including
custom shapes, like portraits.

An online publishing tool that
allows students and teachers
to create professional looking
online magazine, brochures, etc.
Sign up for the free package.
Pik to Chart

Pik to Chart is an
info graphic tool
for non graphic designers.
Students can use this
tool to summarize
information and display it
graphically. Free education
packages available.

Timetoast allows students (or anyone)
to create and browse online timelines
on just about any subject. Sign up
required, but free.

This free website allows
students and teachers to
create interactive
timelines and story
outlines. It can be used
collaboratively or by
ReadWriteThink Timeline

Students can find and create
their own online timeline,
embedding text and
images. Free.