Below are some online tools that may assist students in developing or broadening their numeracy skills. Click on the relevant link to explore.

Poll Everywhere

Create polls, get instant online
responses and graph the results.
Free for audiences of 40 or less.
Answer Garden

Answer Garden is a minimalistic
feedback tool - it allows answers
that are limited to 20 characters.
Great for teaching kids to
answer precisely or to brainstorm

Featuring maths and brain
games as well as a
mathematical quiz
Maths Dictionary for Kids

Created by Jenny Eather, this
animated, interactive online tool
explains over 600 mathematical
terms in simple language.
Maths games

A collection of online maths
games on a variety of topics.
Games are available at a range
of levels.
Survey Monkey

Use Survey Monkey to
create easy online surveys
to collect data on any topic.
Could be used by students
or teachers. Free sign up.

Carrotsticks provides fun, simple,
interactive Maths games. While
these games are aimed at Primary
level, they provide practise in basic
Maths skills. Access to addition
practise is free, but sign up is

Mathwords is a simple,
online dictionary especially
for maths formulas and
terms. Great for supporting
students to build subject
specific vocabulary.