Developing student literacy can be hard work - particularly with reluctant learners. Some of the links below give students the opportunity to develop their literacy skills (reading, writing and oral literacy) while feeling non-threatening and fun.


Wordle is a free site that allows
students to create posters using
words or slabs of text. Great for
building vocabulary and knowledge
of subject specific words.
Wordsalad is a free app for iPads
that operates in a similar way.
Padlet / Wallwisher

Padlet (formerly known as
Wallwisher) allows students to
access and use online stickies
- great for brainstorming
or gathering questions, ideas
or feedback quickly.
Online Magnetic Poetry

Explore and create poems
online using this interactive
website. Simple to use and
Answer Garden

Answer Garden is a minimalistic
feedback tool - it allows
answers that are limited to
20 characters.
Great for teaching kids to
answer precisely or to brainstorm
English games

A collection of online English
games on a variety of topics.
Games are available at a range
of levels.
Sock Puppets App

Click the link above to download
this free app for iPhones or iPads.
Allows students to record
speech using sock puppets
as characters.
Very easy to use.
ibooks app

Click on the above link to
download the free ibooks app.
This app allows you to download
books electronically as well as
access other features, such as
having the book read aloud.
Student publishing

Site for easy publishing of
student work, both individual
and class work. Both free
and paid options
available for creating books and
other publishing options.
Story Kit app

Click on the above link to
download the free app for
ipads and iphones. This app
allows students to create their
own digital stories.

Lino is a free online sticky and
canvas service. This means
that you can post messages
or photos on the 'canvas' for
participants to see and
comment on, or to share ideas.

Tagxedo allows you to create
word clouds from any text -
original writing, famous
speeches, quotes, news articles,
etc. Clouds can be set as a
range of shapes, including
custom shapes, like portraits.
Sparknotes Video

Video summaries of many
popular novels / classic
books, including 'Of Mice and
Men', 'Frankenstein', 'Romeo
and Juliet' and 'The Odyssey',
among others.
Persuasion Map

Interactive map plan
available through the Read
Write Think website. Allows
students to plan a piece of
writing expressing an
opinion on any topic.

This tool allows students
to illustrate and publish a
story using the online art
that is provided.
Students simply add their story
and publish their 'book' online.
Sign up is free.

Read free e-book classics
and use the features, such
as in built highlighter pen
and note taking capability.
Includes poetry, fairy tales,
myths, as well as novels and
plays. Free, but sign up

Choose an image and then
select words to create a
piece of descriptive writing.
Great for poetry or short
descriptive pieces.
Sign in required to save,
but can be used without
sign up to create
4 Pics 1 Word app

This app is free to download
from the iTunes store. It
works on iPhone, iPad and
iPod and gives students
4 images that can be
linked by a single
word. Great for teaching
vocabulary and supporting
literacy development.

A free, online collaborative
writing tool. Students can
work together to create
writing pieces. Each
contributor gets their
own 'colour' to track
contributions. Good
alternative to Google
Pik to Chart

Pik to Chart is an
info graphic tool
for non graphic designers.
Students can use this tool
to summarize information
and display it graphically.
Free education
packages available.

This website has a host of free
interactives and other
information to support literacy
development, including graphic
organizers and other

This free website allows
students to paste in the URL
of the website they are using,
to give the website a
clickable dictionary feature.
Great for supporting low
literacy students.

Lexipedia works as a visual,
online thesaurus. Great
support for vocabulary
development or to support
low literacy learners.