Games have long been a part of the education system. Games can allow students to explore concepts or ideas, practise skills such as problem solving and communication and revise content. The link below are to a range of online games that may be used in different curriculum areas.

9 Letter Word Game

Click the link above to access a
free 9 letter word game. Students
can develop spelling and
vocabulary skills by creating as
many words as they can.
Countries of the World

Click on the above link to
access a free online game where
students have to list as many
countries as they can in 12
minutes. At the end they will be
given a personal score and a
Academic and Word Games

The Jetpunk site has a range of
games for use right across the
curriculum - from word unscramble
games to vocabulary builders,
geography quizzes to general
knowledge games.
English games

A collection of online English
games on a variety of topics.
Games are available at a range
of levels.
Maths games

A collection of online maths
games on a variety of topics.
Games are available at a range
of levels.
Math Play

Math Play offers a range of
fun, simple, interactive
Maths games. These
games are suitable from
Primary through to Middle
Years. It is free.
Online Sodoku

Click on the link to access a timed
online sudoku game for students
to play to improve problem solving,
thinking and maths skills.
Free Rice

This online site has a range
of games for different subject
areas. The best part? Each
time a student gets an answer
correct, grains of rice are
donated through a world hunger
Rights and Freedoms

Free interactive game available
from ABC Splash. Students
match the character with the
rights and freedoms from the UN
Convention Rights of the Child.
ABC Splash Games

A range of educational and
interactive games offered by ABC
Splash for use at all year levels
right across the curriculum. Free
and can be sorted by Year Level
and subject area.
Online Game Creator

Use this site to create online games
using the Who Wants to be a
Millionaire or Jeopardy format to
review content.
Bingo Card Generator

Use this site to easily generate
bingo cards using your own
vocabulary or key terms list.
Great way to revise key terms
and to build academic vocabulary.
Arcade Game Creator

Use this site to create arcade
style games using questions
to review content or
PacMan Game Creator

Use this free site to create a
PacMan style game using
questions to review content. You
will be given a link that can be
given to students for them to
access the game.

Create a free account where you
can create and store quizzes that
can be used in a game style
format. Each time you use the quiz
a game pin will be created which
students can use to enter the game
at Results can be saved
as an excel spreadsheet, making
pre and post assessment easy.
Connect 4 Game Generator

Use this free site to create a
Connect 4 style game where
students match key terms
into groups of four.

This free site is very similar to
Kahoot - except that the quiz
questions appear on the student
screen and tasks can be set
to be completed as homework.
Speed Match Game

Use this free site to create a game
where students try to match key
terms to questions as quickly as
possible. Great for reviewing