Collaborative learning not only allows students to learn from each other but also allows them to develop a range of interpersonal skills. There are many ways to collaborate - use the tools below to encourage collaboration through using ICT....

Wikispaces is a free site that
allows teachers to create wikis
to use with their classes or
other groups. Wikis are a
great tool for
collaboration. You are using
wikispaces right now!
Google Docs

Create and edit work using an
online word document through
Google Docs. You will need to
set up a free Google / gmail
account if you don't already
have one. Great for

Simple, collaborative note-taking.
Using Noteapp, you can drag
and drop files to share with
others, simply type
messages to share

Create an online 'room'
where participants can
ask questions, make
comments or chat in
real time. You can
determine how
long the 'room' exists and
keep track of student

Lino is a free online sticky and
canvas service. This means
that you can post messages
or photos on the 'canvas' for
participants to see and
comment on, or to share ideas.

Great tool for mind mapping or
sharing ideas. Good alternative
to Inspiration. Allows for
collaborative mind mapping.
Free sign up.

Collaborative brainstorming is
possible using this free tool.
No sign up required.

A free online tool that works
as a flexible online bulletin
board. It's easy to upload
work and then have others
comment on it, etc. You can
add text as well as photos
etc to a Stixy page.


A free, online collaborative
writing tool. Students can
work together to create
writing pieces. Each
contributor gets their
own 'colour' to track
contributions. Good
alternative to Google

Twitter for teachers. Free
sign up. Create private
social spaces where you
can share resources and
links with students and they
can share ideas with each

A free, online collaborative
whiteboard. Scribblar allows the
upload of documents, etc and
it great for collaboration as
students can work on the board
at the same time.

An alternative to Google
Docs, this web based
collaborative writing tool
requires no sign up and
each editor is given a
different color to easily
keep track of changes to
the documents. Great for
collaborative projects.

A free online cork board site.
Students can create and
share collections of links,
images, video, etc on any
topic, either individually or
collaboratively. Also useful
for brainstorming.

This free website allows
students and teachers to
create interactive
timelines and story
outlines. It can be used
collaboratively or by