The links below feature a range of online tools designed to assist in assessing student understanding and giving and receiving feedback. Click on the appropriate link to access each site.


Socrative is a student response
system that allows teachers to
create tests, quizzes, games
etc to test student knowledge
and understanding. Corrected
for you with results available
as a spreadsheet. Free sign up
and both student and teacher
apps are available for free for
iPads and other tablets.

A free, online collaborative
writing tool. Students can
work together to create
writing pieces. Each
contributor gets their
own 'colour' to track
contributions. Good
alternative to Google

Make free online quizzes,
including attaching multimedia
files to questions. Multilingual
quizzes can also be created.
Quiz scores can be accessed
by students and teachers.
Free sign up.
Poll Everywhere

Create polls, get instant online
responses and graph the results.
Free for audiences of 40 or less.
Great tool for collecting student
feedback or checking for
Google Docs

Students can work individually
or collaboratively to create
a document. The powerful
'comments' feature allows
feedback from both peers and
the teacher to be given during
the writing process and at its

Make free online quizzes
to use as both pre and
post teaching to assess
prior knowledge and new
learning. Students can be
given feedback as they
work through the questions
on correct and incorrect

Create a free account where you
can create and store quizzes that
can be used in a game style
format. Each time you use the quiz
a game pin will be created which
students can use to enter the game
at Results can be saved
as an excel spreadsheet, making
pre and post assessment easy.