This page features Apps that are suitable for use in the classroom - these are created to be used on iPads, iPhones or equivalent. A touch screen is generally required to use these Apps. All are free, unless stated otherwise.

Sock Puppets App

Click the link above to download
this free app for iPhones or iPads.
Allows students to record speech
using sock puppets as characters.
Very easy to use.
ibooks app

Click on the above link to
download the free ibooks app.
This app allows you to
download books electronically
as well as access other
features, such as
having the book read aloud.
Story Kit app

Click on the above link to
download the free app for
ipads and iphones. This app
allows students to create
their own digital stories.
Corkulous app

App that works as a cork board for
thinking, planning and sharing ideas.
Designed for use for iphones, iPod
touch or iPads. Click on the link
above to download this app.
Idea Sketch app

Idea Sketch allows you to draw
a diagram, such as a mind map,
and convert it to a text outline
(and vice versa). Great for mind
mapping, brainstorming, etc.
Designed for use with iPads,
iphones, etc. Click on the link
above to download this free app.
4 Pics 1 Word app

This app is free to download
from the iTunes store. It
works on iPhone, iPad and
iPod and gives students
4 images that can be
linked by a single
word. Great for teaching
vocabulary and supporting
literacy development.
Google Map app

Free app available from the
iTunes store. Can be used
on ipad or iphone. This app
allows 360 degree
panoramic views from
around the world courtesy
of street view.

Online mind mapping tool.
There is also a companion
app available for free from
the iTunes store.
Google Docs App

Available free from the iTunes
store, this app gives students
access to Google Docs for
easy collaboration on iPad and
iPhones. The app is also
available for Android devices and
through the Chrome Web Store.
Word Salad

This app works in a similar
way to Wordle or Tagxedo.
It allows you to create word
clouds with your text - great
for developing literacy
awareness across the
curriculum. The app is free
and works on iPads.
Socrative App

Available for free from the
iTunes store, Google Play
and the Chrome Web Store,
this app works on a variety
of devices. Allows teachers to
create tests, quizzes, games
etc to test student knowledge
and understanding. Corrected
for you with results available
as a spreadsheet.
Survey Monkey app

Great for making surveys to collect
data for analysis. The Survey
Monkey app is available for both
Apple and Android devices through
the iTunes Store and Google Play.
Padlet app

Padlet allows students to create
online stickies - great for
brainstorming and collaboration.
The app is a available for free for
iPads from the iTunes store, or
from Google Play for other